Nothing pleases us more than a satisfied customer that comes back on a regular basis. You don’t have to take our word for it – some of our brilliant customers have been kind enough to allow us to quote them on this page.

I have been a regular massage client of Asdis’s now for a few years.

She takes a fantastically thorough approach to her work; above and beyond any other massage therapist I have been too.

I was impressed with the fact that at my first appointment, she assessed my posture and talked me through my reasons for coming. She took notes, which she refers back to when I visit her. After the massage she gives me stretching exercises to do at home to help alleviate the problem. She takes time to explain the anatomical terms she is using and seems to have a very detailed knowledge of how everything in the body is connected and how one problem can lead to problems elsewhere.

Her actual massage technique is just brilliant. Unlike other therapists I have been to she seems to have an instinctive knowledge of where the discomfort is and can apply just the right pressure to it. I have recommended to her many people and have no hesitation in vouching for her abilities.
Gillian M. (Belfast)

…or this one:

Asdis kept me going through my marathon training program. No small feat.

Sigurdur (Belfast)

… also

As a chartered physiotherapist I am very particular about the type of sports massage I want. Asdis was excellent in that she had a firm grasp of the anatomy she was working on and which muscles linked together for an effective massage.
Also the depth and intensity of the massage was pitched at the right level to leave me feeling looser yet not too sore. I have been back myself several times and would recommend any of my clients
Kieran M. (Newry)